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Fun4Four Gaming Table

Entertain your guests like never before with Fun4Four Gaming Table! Our innovative gaming table is designed to bring people together and make your business the go-to spot for entertainment. With a range of multiplayer games available for up to four players, it’s the perfect addition to any bar, café, hotel or lounge. Plus, our clean and seamless software ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. Join the fun with Fun4Four Gaming Table – the world’s first and only multiplayer gaming table designed specifically for out-of-home entertainment.

The most advanced multigame table ever

Fun4Four is the worldwide only Multigame game table built to resist the challenging needs of the out-of-home entertainment market. Full of innovations and ground-breaking games. This device brings a whole new gaming level to your bar, entertainment center, club, pub or arcade.


The most successful touchscreen gametable in a
completely new version.

The FUN4FOUR table is the most successful innovation
for the global out of home amusement markets.
You can find FUN4FOURs thousands of locals all over
the globe and everywhere kids and adults like to play
on the tables.

Due to the various adjustable features the table can
be fully and easily adapted to every place.
Your loved ones will love the FUN4FOUR as well!
Connect your Smartphone with the FUN4FOUR and
enter the new art of gaming

Unique features

Use your space multiple times

Realize incredible savings by reusing
your space multiple times. Not only
one, but up to 6 people can play
together on one Fun4Four table. You do not need
to purchase expensive single or two player machines anymore

Incredibly convenient

Convenience is most important for every
guest. The height of the Fun4Four can
therefore be selected. Players can conveniently
play both standing or sitting, e.g. in a lounge-chair
or in a bar-stood.

Games tailored to your audience

The games on the Fun4Four are not simple standard
ones. They are specifically tailored to
the demands of your guests. Currently, there are more
than 80 handmade games available

Feels like a huge map

The game table is equipped with a giant 43“
multi touch screen. The simple feeling of handling
the table itself – it‘s just incredible! You have to try yourself

Control games from mobile phone

Your players will see the future today when they
play Fun4Four games with there mobile
phones for the first time. The incredible feeling
of steering cars by gravity sensor is just one example
of what´s possible.

Online Terminal Management

Only with OTM you can control devices with
the new „online remote control“ feature.
And check online and anytime the sales of all
TAB Austria products.

International Tournament

In the future there will be regular international tournaments on Fun4Four gametables. So players grow together to form a community of players and can win great prizes and keep coming back over to play an other game

Modern design

We offer different color options for our gaming tables. Our modern designs ensure a modern and user-friendly gaming experience.

• Latest Version in completely new design
• 43“ Multitouch Display
• 2 x NFC charging function for mobile         phones
• LED stripe, free adjustable inside the table’s menu

• SSD hard drive for quicker start up
• WIN10 for even more security
• Optionally banknote reader and coin validator
• Optionally credit card reader including Apple and Samsung pay

• Optionally connection to our TAB OTM server
• New games and features every year for kids and adults
• Standard colors white and black
• Available in standing and sitting height

Our Services

The Fun4Four game table is not just a piece of furniture, but an experience! With our unique service we offer the perfect entertainment for your bar, cafe, hotel or lounge. The Fun4Four gaming table brings people together and creates unforgettable moments. Join the gaming trend and offer your guests something special!


With our guarantee you can rely on the smooth operation of your equipment and inspire your guests again and again with new and exciting gaming world.

Software Maintenance

We are always updating the software to make your customers‘ gaming experience better. We are always developing new games so that your guests will always enjoy visiting you.

Smooth Gaming Experience

All games run technically smoothly and without interruptions. Your local becomes a hotspot for all gaming enthusiasts!

24/7 Support

Our support team is available around the clock to help you with any problems. We have a specially trained team that will assist you with any problem with competence and commitment.

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